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Conference Dinner

The Olympic Museum © CIO

The conference dinner will take place the famous Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

Prior to the dinner it will be possible to visit the permanent exhibition (free of charge for conference attendees).

Date:  Tuesday, March 20

Time:  18:00 Visit of the exhibition
           20:00 Conference Dinner

Fee:   The dinner is included in all full tickets,
           pre-registration required.

How to get there

Participants are asked to organize their own transportation to and from the Olympic Museum.
The museum is easily accessible by public transportation, car or taxi.

The Olympic Museum
1, quai d'Ouchy
1006 Lausanne

By metro or TL city bus
M2 metro line and No. 2 bus (Ouchy stop) or busses No. 8 or 25 (Musée Olympique stop)

Please see the website of the Olympic Museum for more details.

© The Olympic Museum

Public Transport from EPFL

From the conference center / EPFL you may use the following metro and bus lines, they depart approximately every 7 minutes: 

M1 EPFL ⇒ Lausanne-Flon + M2 Lausanne-Flon ⇒ Ouchy-Olympique 
M1 EPFL ⇒ Lausanne-Flon + Bus 2 Lausanne-Flon ⇒ Ouchy-Olympique 
Bus 701 EPFL ⇒ Bourdonnette + Bus 25 Bourdonnette ⇒ Musée Olympique
Bus 701 EPFL ⇒ Bourdonnette + M1 Bourdonnette ⇒ Lausanne-Flon + M2 Lausanne-Flon ⇒ Ouchy-Olympique

>>> Download the public transport plan of Lausanne here

Please note: A lot of hotels offer free bus and metro passes for their guests. Just ask at your hotel reception.



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